Raffi M. Turian

(Ph.D., University of Wisconsin, 1964)

Phone: (312) 996-8734
E-mail: Turian@uic.edu

My research is concerned with the characterization and the behavior of particulate systems, and with the structure, stability, rheology and the flow in straight pipe and through pipeline transitions of colloidal and noncolloidal suspensions. Suspension systems of interest in our work span the entire concentration range, and include slurries of coarse, noncolloidal particles as well as colloidal particles whose transport properties and rheology are chemistry- and shear-dependent. Although our studies involve broad classes of suspension and multiphase systems, coal, coal-water slurries, and, in particular, highly loaded fine coal-water fuels occupy a special position in our research program.

For noncolloidal slurries our research has resulted in the establishment of correlations for prediction of the critical velocity in pipeline flow of slurries; for estimation of friction losses for their flow in straight pipe and through pipeline bends, fittings, and valves; and for prediction of the sedimentation behavior of suspensions of mixtures of particle sizes.

For fine particulate and colloidal, non-Newtonian suspensions our research has led to development of continuum, rheologically based correlations for prediction of friction losses attributable to their flow through straight pipe and pipeline transitions and also of correlations of their rheological properties with solids concentrations. We have also derived correlations for predicting effective thermal conductivities of binary as well as multi-solid suspensions.

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