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Ying Liu
Assistant Professor
(Ph D., Princeton University, 2007)

Research group website:


Research Interests:

Nanoparticle synthesis

We are interested in both physics and applications of nanoparticle suspensions for their advantages of targeting delivery and sustained release. Our research goal is to devise a Synergistic Drug Delivery System (SDDS) with optimized properties to control multiple-drug pharmacodynamics for diagnosis and treatment of these complex diseases.

SDDS based on self-assembling nanoparticles can (1) deliver imaging and therapeutic agents to specific sites or organs to increase bioavailability and reduce toxicity (targeting delivery), (2) simultaneously deliver multiple imaging and therapeutic agents with desired pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics, and (3) deliver arbitrary combinations of oligonucleotides and small molecular compounds.

Cell encapsulation

Single cell encapsulation provides the control of micro-environment of cell differentiation, allows the analysis and observation of individual cells in a fully automated manner, and prevents cell transplant rejection without medications. We aim at developing a self-assembling method for encapsulating single cell or islet in a thin polymer coating and studying protein expression at the single molecule level.

Recent Publications:

Y. Liu and R. Ismagilov, “Dynamics of coalescence of plugs with a hydrophilic wetting layer induced by flow in a microfluidic chemistrode”, Langmuir, in press.

D. Chen*, W. Du*, Y. Liu*, W. Liu*, and R. Ismagilov, “The Chemistrode: a Droplet-based Microfluidic Device for Stimulation and Recording with High Temporal, Spatial, and Chemical Resolution”, Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (PNAS), 105 (44), 16843-16848, 2008.

F. Shen, C. Kastrup, Y. Liu, and R. Ismagilov, “Threshold Response of Initiation of Blood Coagulation by Tissue Factor in Patterned Microfluidic Capillaries is Controlled by Shear Rate”, Arteriosclerosis Thrombosis and Vascular Biology, 28, 2035-2041, 2008.

Y. Liu, C. Chen, R. Prudhomme, and R. Fox, “Mixing in a Multi-Inlet Vortex Mixer (MIVM) for Flash Nano-Precipitation”, Chemical Engineering Science, 63 (11) 2829-2842, 2008.

Y. Liu, Z. Tong, and R. Prudhomme, “Stabilized Polymeric Nanoparticles for Controlled and Efficient Release of Bifenthrin”, Pest Management Science, 64 (8) 808-812, 2008.

Y. Liu, K. Kathan, W. Saad, and R. Prud’homme, “Ostwald Ripening of beta-carotene Nanoparticles”, Physical Review Letters, 98 (3): Art. No. 036102, 2007.


R. Prud’homme, M. Gindy, and Y. Liu, “Composite Nanoparticles from Flash Nano-precipitation”, filed to Princeton University for US patent. R. Prud’homme, B. Ungun, S. Budijono, and Y. Liu, “Up Converting Phosphors for Imaging and Photodynamic Therapy”, filed to Princeton University for US patent.

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