Graduate Admissions

The Department of Chemical Engineering offers a program leading to the Master of Science and to the Doctor of Philosophy in Chemical Engineering. The primary areas upon which these fields are based are continuum and molecular fluid mechanics, heat and mass transfer, macroscopic and microscopic thermodynamics, chemical kinetics, and process analysis. Application areas include energy production and utilization, material properties under extreme conditions, biologically-based processes, and the environment.


After students are admitted to the Graduate College they are assigned a temporary adviser. The student must choose a permanent adviser (see People->Faculty) during their their first year. As soon as the permanent adviser has been selected, the student must outline his or her complete program proposed for the degree (MS or PhD) in consultation with the adviser and the Graduate Committee of the department. Students are permitted and encouraged to follow interdisciplinary programs that may include more than one area of specialization and may require enrollment in courses in departments other than the Department of Chemical Engineering.

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