Core Faculty

Ludwig C. Nitsche, Interim Department Head
PhD, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 1989

My research program emphasizes theoretical analysis of concrete micro-mechanical models in order to elucidate subcontinuum dynamics and to extract macroscopic transport behavior from the underlying microphysics.

email - web page - 213 CEB - 312.996-3469
Belinda S. Akpa, Assistant Professor
PhD, University of Cambridge, 2007

Our research group develops and implements multinuclear MRI methods for application to engineering systems.

email - web page - 213 CEB - 312.355.5149
Vikas Berry, Adjunct Professor, Joining faculty in Aug 2014
PhD, Virginia Polytechnic Institute & State University, 2007

We study the electrical, structural, and chemical properties of innovatively designed nano- and bio- materials to enable the development of the next-generation-applications in biomedicine, electronics and nanomechanics. Interests: 2D Nanomaterials (Graphene, MoS2 , BN etc), Bionanotechnology, Materials Science, Electronic Materials, Molecular Devices, and Sensors.

email - web page - 217 CEB -
Brian P. Chaplin, Assistant Professor
PhD, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, 2007

email - web page - 221 CEB - 312.996-0288
Ying Liu, Assistant Professor
PhD, Princeton University, 2007

Research interests in Nanoparticle synthesis and Cell encapsulation

email - web page - 211 CEB - 312.996.8249
Randall J. Meyer, Associate Professor
PhD, University of Texas at Austin, 2001

Research employs experimental and theoretical methods in concert to aid in the rational design of materials, focusing on structure-reactivity relationships at the molecular/atomic level.

email - web page - 223 CEB - 312.996-4607
Vivek Sharma, Assistant Professor
PhD, Georgia Institute of Technology, 2008

Fizzics (Bubbles, drops, emulsions & foams); Rheology; Interfacial and Nonlinear Flows; Biofluids; Soft Matter ODES: Optics, Dynamics, Elasticity & Self-Assembly

email - web page - 219 CEB - 312.996-5711
Lewis E. Wedgewood, Associate Professor
PhD, University of Wisconsin, 1988

Computational Fluid Mechanics, Macromolecular Fluid Flow, Transport Phenomena, and Stochastic Simulations

email - web page - 207 CEB - 312.996.5228

Adjunct, Emeritus and Part-Time Faculty

Said Al-Hallaj, Adjunct Professor

Chairman/CEO of All Cell Technologies LLC, Chicago, IL

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Kenneth Brezinsky, Professor
PhD, The City University of New York

Combustion chemistry and combustion synthesis of materials

email - web page - 2025 ERF - 312.996.9430
Cynthia J. Jameson, Professor Emeritus
PhD, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, 1963

Contributed to a fundamental understanding of the NMR chemical shift as a molecular electronic property; Interest in general trends and over-arching relationships, not just specific systems.

email - web page - 4240B SES - 312.996-2352
John H. Kiefer, Professor Emeritus
PhD, Cornell University, 1961
Studying combustion/pyrolysis reactions at very high temperatures, providing a database for modeling/optimization of practical combustion systems and "steam crackers"-noncatalytic pyrolysis reactors con-verting saturated hydrocarbons to olefins-widely used in the petrochemical industry.
email - web page - 205 CEB - 312.996-8734
Andreas A. Linninger, Professor
PhD, Vienna University of Technology, 1992

Director of Laboratory for Product and Process Design. Interests in Drug delivery, Haemodynamics of the Brain, Metabolic Engineering, Bioprocess Design, Biomechanics

email - web page - 206 SEO - 312.413.7743
G. Ali Mansoori, Professor

Molecular Based Study of Fluids, Solids & Phase Transitions in Macro & Nano Systems

email - web page - 202 CEB - 312.996-5592
Irving F. Miller, Professor Emeritus

email - 209 CEB - 312.996-3424
Sohail Murad, Adjunct Professor
PhD, Cornell University, 1979

Research interests are in the broad areas of classical and statistical thermodynamics

email - web page - 206 CEB - 312.996-5593
Anil Oroskar, Adjunct Professor

Chief Technology Officer
Orochem Technologies, Inc.

Jeffery P. Perl, Adjunct Professor

Chicago Chem Consultants Corporation

email - web page - 217 CEB - 312.996.3424
John R. Regalbuto, Adjunct Professor
PhD, University of Notre Dame, 1986

Fundamental studies of catalyst preparation, adsorption theory; Catalyst characterization, kinetics of gas-solid reactions; Engineering ethics.

email - web page - 803.777.5501
Satish C. Saxena, Professor Emeritus
PhD, Calcutta University, 1956

email - 209 CEB - 312.996-3424
Stephen Szepe, Professor Emeritus
PhD, Illinois Institute of Technology, 1966

My broad areas of interest are reaction engineering and optimization

email - web page - 312.996-2342
Christos G. Takoudis, Professor
PhD, University of Minnesota, 1982

Micro- and nano-electronic materials and processing; Heterogeneous catalysis and surface chemistry; Cerebral Malaria; Long-term inhibition of bacterial-associated infections in implant devices

email - web page - 203 CEB - 312.355.0859
Raffi M. Turian, Professor Emeritus
PhD, University of Wisconsin, 1964

My research is concerned with the characterization and the behavior of particulate systems, and with the structure, stability, rheology and the flow in straight pipe and through pipeline transitions of colloidal and noncolloidal suspensions

email - web page - 205 CEB - 312.996-8734
Alan D. Zdunek, Adjunct Professor

email - 217 CEB - 312.996.2342
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